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OMFG Sara is a weekly podcast, brought to you by the eccentric minds of Sara Li and company. In her typical upbeat and comical fashion, she'll bring you to tears and laughter with endless commentary on the many oddities of life: career, relationships, school, and of course, Gilmore Girls. OMFG Sara isn't designed to be a lecture or a lesson; it's an exploration of life, narrated by the girl who isn't afraid to try, tackle, or taste anything that comes her way. And she wants you to join her. Whether you're 17 or 70, OMFG Sara is the go-to destination for when you need a friend to chuckle with. Every episode is 15 minutes long and perfect for short drives, study breaks, and wine nights. Plus, there might even be a special guest to share their love. Tune in to OMFG Sara on iTunes every Monday at 10am CST for a new episode. 

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Sara is a junior at the University of Kansas, where she is pursuing strategic communication and creative writing. In her free time, she's reading comic books or working on her various projects, which may or may not include how to meet Taylor Alison Swift. She's so happy that you're listening to her podcast because, frankly, it's been a long time of her talking to herself.


Bizzy Emerson is a student at the University of Missouri, studying journalism with an emphasis on magazine writing, and has ambitions to write about how social justice is reflected in pop culture. Obsessed with her Fitbit, Aziz Ansari, and looking cool on Instagram, Bizzy is so excited to work alongside Sara and develop this podcast.


Shelby is a senior at the University of Kansas, studying journalism with an emphasis in strategic communication. Aside from being a college student, Shelby is also a blogger, former pageant queen, and social strategist.  Shelby helps maintain this website, strategize social media, and occasionally co-hosts OMFG Sara with Sara and Bizzy.

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Are you interested in being on OMFG Sara? Say no more! We're always looking for people with something to say to come on the show and blow us away with good conversation. Just fill out the form to your right and someone will get back to you shortly. 

Do you have to be famous to be on the show?

Absolutely not. Fame is such a relative term that it doesn't matter to us if you have 10 followers or 10 million. All we're interested in is an open personality, an interesting topic, and a willingness to have fun. Every topic is fair game; the wilder, the better! 

How does the recording process work?

Once we hash out the details, Sara will send you an invite on the Ringr mobile app. It's completely free! We'll schedule a time to record remotely and add the episode to the queue after it's been edited for clarity. Currently, OMFG Sara is on its second season. 

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