Taking the Leap with Jill Minton


In this inspirational and educative episode, I interview Jill Minton, founder of t.Loft, a growing community of health cafes offering fresh, all-natural food and beverages. Jill’s big ideas and passion for her personal health lead her to quit her nine to five job in corporate America to create one of the most innovative health cafe’s in the Kansas City metro area. She is a walking example of where taking a leap and getting off the sidelines can get you. I dare you to try and not feel inspired after listening to this episode.


To Unfollow or Not To Unfollow

On my final episode of the season, I welcome my producer, Bizzy Emerson and friend, Alex Karber to discuss the tough and sometimes dreaded social media break-ups. Whether it’s the end of a relationship with a significant other or the end of a friendship, we chat about our petty, prideful, and intrusive experiences with ending or maintaining social media relationships after the end of a relationship and how we find the common ground. What’s more awkward, being the one who unfollows or the one who is unfollowed, and is there a way to come back from it?

Local Wolves with Cathrine Khom

In an episode all about the importance of creativity, drive, and side hustles, I am joined by my friend and editor in chief/founder of Local Wolves, Cathrine Khom. As someone who created her own platform and outlet for fellow creators as a source of inspiration to break through daily blasts of information, Cathrine talks about how Local Wolves and the person she is today came to be. It’s no secret that the world of journalism is expanding, find out how Cathrine is helping it evolve and where she sees it going in 2018.

The Big Life with Ann Shoket

In this episode, you will find an empowering conversation about what it’s like to live your life in a millennial way through living life on your own terms. I am joined by Ann Shoket, former editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine and author of the book The Big Life. Together we chat about everything from her career, inspiring book, and the importance she puts on empowering women. Don’t be fooled, this episode opens a door for a conversation for both men and women.

WTF is Dating?

On my fifth episode of the season, I ask my best friend Ross Wicklund to join me for a candid conversation about dating in college. In our twenty-something minute chat, we reminisce about dating mistakes, trials, and tribulations and ponder what, exactly, dating in the 21st century should be like for us millennials. There are no bars held back in this episode as we explore the many facets of young love. Make no mistake, dating is still a learning curve for each of us.


The long-awaited release of Taylor Swift's new album has finally come and we are all very shook (okay, maybe just me). If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that I live all things Taylor Nation. So, naturally, I have some very hot takes on the new album and Taylor in general. My producer Bizzy also joins in on the conversation (spoiler alert: she's not a huge fan) and we engage in thoughtful discussion on reputation, with the lowercase R. This is my favorite episode of the season and I will freely admit that with pride. 

Empowered Women Empower Women

In a touching and uplifting episode that's bound to make you shed a happy tear, I bring my dear friend Anna Perrone on the show to talk about SISTERHOOD. As sorority president and an all around terrific human being, Anna has lots of great takes on the subject. We chat about the complexities of female friendships and how that's evolved over the course of the years. We share stories of the women who have touched our hearts and offer insight on why it's so important to develop strong ties with the females in our lives (yes, boys, this includes you). 

Sex, Money, and Playboy Bunnies

It's a big news week, but there's one headline that's on everyone's mind: Hugh Hefner, founder of all things Playboy, is dead. I bring my assistant, Shelby, on the show to talk out our very mixed feelings on his legacy and death. Specifically, do we honor him as a pioneer of open sexuality or do we crucify him as the old man pervert that he was? Shelby and I recount real life tales from former bunnies and discuss in-length why modern men still regard Hefner as a hero, despite his horrible, horrible exploits.