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Sara Li is a seven-year-old stuck in the body of a 21-year-old. Her curiosity and idealism makes her a maverick in the sea of too cool for school millennials. Coined as a “modern day Supergirl”, Sara has amassed a serious online following since she first launched her blog at the age of 16. Her enthusiasm for life itself has made her a digital darling and a voice for the humble Midwest; it’s impossible not to feel inspired and comforted when in the company of her whimsical spirit or playful sense of humor. Since adolescence, Sara has been a champion for the romantics, the creatives, and the game-changers. 

Currently, Sara is focused on running Project Consent, hosting her podcast, and maybe, finally, possibly completing the final manuscript of her book. We'll see. Stay tuned in on Sara's life by subscribing to her newslettter

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When she was 17, Sara combined her creative talents and her passion for change to create what is now known as Project Consent. Her drive for helping others and her enthusiasm for the arts led to one of the largest and most effective initiatives to end sexual assault around the world. Her role in humanitarian relief has made her a stellar example of what ambition and heart can lead to. Since 2014, Project Consent has been praised for being a "lighthouse beacon for sexual assault survivors and allies alike." 

Following her success with Project Consent, Sara then ventured into other forms of media and entertainment with the sole mission of using her art to help others. She freelanced as an opinion writer for online digital publications such as Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Unwritten and SheRa Magazine. In 2015, she landed a position on the highly coveted MTV Founders team. As one of their youth writers, Sara published pieces that spoke to Generation Z across the nation. During her time at MTV, she wrote about mental health, college realities, and political climate. Sara also ran a lifestyle blog, OMFG Sara, for three years before retiring it to pursue other forms of storytelling, such as podcasting. Sara is also dabbles in essay writing, poetry, and songwriting.

Aside from her creative career, Sara is also big into humanitarian work. She is active in the Kansas City charity community and often volunteers her time for causes and organizations such as 87 and Running, Operation Breakthrough, Children's Mercy, and more. She is a junior at the University of Kansas, where she is majoring in journalism with a concentration in strategic communication and minoring in creative writing. She plans on relocating to the East Coast after graduating and pursuing her big dreams while brunching with Mindy Kaling. She thanks all of you so much for taking the time to read this when you could otherwise be watching Scandal and hopes that you stick around to be her friend.