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Sara Li is the definition of a girlboss who hustles for what she is passionate about and continues to challenge herself for the better. I am so grateful to have worked with her on various collaborations but also, to know her as a fellow friend. She had such a generous mindset to voice about what she cares about. Sara is a superhero leaving her mark on the world.
— Cathrine Khom, Editor-in-Chief of Local Wolves

OMFG Sara is a weekly podcast, brought to you by the eccentric minds of Sara Li and company. In her typical upbeat and comical fashion, she'll bring you to tears and laughter with endless commentary on the many oddities of life: career, relationships, school, and of course, Gilmore Girls. OMFG Sara isn't designed to be a lecture or a lesson; it's an exploration of life, narrated by the girl who isn't afraid to try, tackle, or taste anything that comes her way. And she wants you to join her. Whether you're 17 or 70, OMFG Sara is the go-to destination for when you need a friend to chuckle with. Every episode is 15 minutes long and perfect for short drives, study breaks, and wine nights. Tune in to OMFG Sara on iTunes every Monday at 10am CST for a new episode.

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Care about the planet you live on. Care about the people and communities around you. Get attached. Get invested. That’s how you make a difference, right? That’s my advice for anyone reading this: get so passionate about something — a cause, an art, anything that ignites a spark in you — that it makes you look back on your life and think, “I changed the world because I cared.
— Sara Li for Kansas City's 30 Under 30
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Dear friends,

Do you remember the first time you felt like you were part of something? A club, a team, anything that made you feel connected and alive. I do. Growing up, I always craved that sense of community. I joined every organization that would take me and as I became more aware of the world and people around me, that hunger to create real relationships and real change only intensified. I spent a significant portion of my youth writing about the issues that mattered to me and through the power of the world wide web, I was able to have intelligent, insightful, and powerful dialogue with incredible souls around the world. I want to continue creating conversation that matter with all of you. Starting January 2018, I'm launching a candid newsletter with truths that binds all of us together, no matter who or where you are. From my keyboard to your screen, I hope to start chatting with you soon.

Love, Sara